International Students at SDU

  • Two international students share their bemused reaction to a harsh Island winter. Mnemosyne 1962. p. 49.
  • A good-humoured (if misspelt) tribute to Macau-born Chemistry and Education student Grace Au Yeung as a modern-day Madame Curie. Mnemosyne 1962. p. 53.
  • Not all SDU overseas students were from Hong Kong, of course: one of the most active students on-campus during the early 1960s was Vibert Rosemay, from Guyana (then known as British Guiana). In his time at SDU, Rosemay was a champion debater, Vice-President of the Student Union, and held several editorial posts at the Red and White campus newspaper, serving as its editor-in-chief for the 1962-1963 academic year. Mnemosyne 1963. p. 47.
  • Amongst the many welcome contributions of overseas’ students to SDU campus life was a touch of international fashion flare, such as the silk dress worn by Jennifer Liang (centre), seen here ca. 1962 with her sister Theresa (left), and Grace Au Yeung. G. Harris SDU Photographic Collection (UPEI Archives Acc #: 2013-250), Image 39-0648.
  • Anita Fung, SDU Class of 1965 (B. Sc). Mnemosyne 1964. p. 76.
  • The first visible minorities to enrol in any numbers at SDU were from Hong Kong, where Catholic schools were well-established: from a small group of four in 1956, enrolments from Hong Kong peaked at 15 in 1964. This group photo, taken in 1960, shows 11 Hong Kong students, including future UPEI Chemistry professor (and award-winning photographer) Michael Liu. Image courtesy of Michael Liu.
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